Master Lu SongGao’s XinYiLiuHe Quan

Master Yu HuaLong: The Hidden Dragon in the City of Demons

Shanghai – the so-called “City of Demons,” was the most dangerous place in Asia before the breaking of World War II. Nowadays, aside from its growing role in the Asian economy, Shanghai has kept a lot of its history from the time of the concession period, giving the city a unique atmosphere.

Ever since Master Lu SongGao (who passed away in 1962), a native of ZhouKo in the Henan Province publicized XinYiLiuHe Quan in Shanghai, the secretive martial art of the Hui people has made quite a name for itself throughout the world.

At age 19, Master Yu HuaLong (born 1919) met Master Lu in Shanghai and became his student. Though lots of people learned from Master Lu, as years went by, fewer and fewer were left alive.

Powerful and aggressive, but unlike most martial arts, XinYiLiuHe Quan does not have a set fighting routine. To find the secrets behind XinYiLiuHe Quan, many paid a visit to the sleepless dragon in Shanghai: Master Yu HuaLong.

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